VasoNovaVasoNova was acquired by Teleflex in 2011. VasoNova made intelligent devices to guide catheters throughout the body. The company’s first product was an intelligent PICC catheter. The technology assisted the clinician steering the catheter to the best anatomical position based on a specific physiologic algorithm. This ensures placing the catheter correctly upon the first attempt. The product reduced negative outcomes, improved nursing work flow, decreased the number of confirmatory chest X-rays required and increased patient satisfaction because of fewer needle sticks. Economically, hospitals benefited by providing drug therapy in a timely fashion increasing the likelihood of early discharge.

VarixVarix Medical Corporation merged with Veniti Medical in 2011 which was subsequently acquired by Boston Scientific in 2018. Varix was focused on developing products for the minimally invasive treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, which commonly manifests itself as varicose veins. Varix Medical’s novel platform technology will enable physicians to efficiently and effectively treat more types of diseased veins than is currently possible utilizing either laser or RF devices. These additional treatable vessels include tortuous sub-truncal vessels and other visible smaller varicose veins.