Partner with Us

For each portfolio company, Coronis provides seed capital, helps assemble a core team, assumes executive roles as required and oversees initial product prototyping as well as the design and completion of product development to demonstrate proof of concept. When these milestones have been achieved, Coronis orchestrates a larger follow-on financing, allowing the company to rapidly proceed to product commercialization. At this point, Coronis usually serves in an advisory capacity and provides ongoing guidance as a board member in the company.

For the entrepreneur or inventor with a novel product concept, partnership with Coronis is an excellent means of pursuing a successful commercial development effort. Coronis brings a strong funding capability to the project through its ability to provide seed capital and to leverage strong relationships with venture capital firms and other sources of financing. Due to the unique Coronis business model where operational expenses are subsidized to minimize charge back to portfolio companies, the start-up can operate economically while efficiently building value. Coronis has assembled a strong multidisciplinary team with an exceptional track record and excellent contacts in the industry. Coronis team members have managed product development from the concept stage to regulatory approval and successful commercial release. We have built numerous companies and taken them through the full lifecycle, including seed, venture, and corporate financings, IPO and acquisition. Finally, the Coronis team is committed to assisting entrepreneurs in building companies that can save and improve lives.

Coronis helps enable the success of new companies with:


  • Management of companies in early stages of development (includes executive and board of directors positions)
  • Coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs
  • Expertise in company building and recruiting key management, employees, advisors and boards of directors
  • Extensive medical device industry network and insight

Operations & Infrastructure Support

  • Office space
  • IT & Phone infrastructure
  • Lab space
  • Functional support:
    – Human Resources
    – Legal
    – Finance & Accounting
    – Business & Product Liability Insurance
  • Administrative support

Financial Support

  • Seed capital
  • Preparation and positioning for larger venture capital financing
  • Network: venture and private equity community, corporations, and service providers
  • Financial modeling (budgeting, valuations, analysis of term sheets, capital structuring, revenue projections)
  • Competitive analysis

Business Development

  • Extensive deal structuring experience with licensing, partnering, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Network: medical device company executives and industry thought leaders

Product Development

  • Technology expertise in engineering, materials, chemistry and biology
  • Rapid product design and engineering capabilities
  • Protoyping of products for proof-of-concept studies
  • Quality systems manufacturing for scale up of lead products

Pre-Clinical/Clinical/Regulatory Support

  • Large network of academic and industry collaborators to test and trial products
  • Planning and management of preclinical and early feasibility studies (animal, ex-vivo/in-vivo)
  • Regulatory strategy and preparation of submissions
  • Assistance with planning clinical trials through strategic clinical insight and trial design
  • Reimbursement strategies

Intellectual Property Expertise

  • Strategies to successfully build worldwide patent estates that protect both products and technology platforms