Competitive Advantage

The complementary strengths of the Coronis founders and Stellartech Research Corporation are a powerful combination that provide start-up medical device companies with the financing, managerial and development support that they need to be successful. By partnering with Coronis, medical-device start-up companies will have access to:

  • Many years of combined operational experience
  • Successful medical device start-up track records
  • Venture capital, corporate VC and angel investing acumen
  • Extensive medical industry relationships
  • The Stellartech advantage

The Stellartech Advantage

Key to Coronis’ model is its ability to leverage its relationship with Stellartech Research Corporation, a company founded 28 years ago by Roger Stern. Coronis has a unique partnership with Stellartech, which is a demonstrated leader in the design, development and contract manufacturing of sophisticated medical systems. Stellartech provides device start-ups with a wide range of services including research, design, development and manufacturing of sophisticated medical systems, typically involving both capital equipment and disposables. Since its inception, Stellartech has helped nearly two dozen companies in their efforts to develop their proprietary technology, everything from catheters and ultrasound devices to RF and Doppler X-ray generators–technology which has fundamentally defined these companies and created their markets. Stellartech also offers a number of advantages to small companies seeking speed to market such as platform technologies that can be quickly adapted and a team of regulatory experts that can help its clients file 510(k)s and IDEs and work through other regulatory issues.

The option and ability to leverage Stellartech gives our portfolio companies an advantage to accelerate their development and commercialization. This 63,000 square feet facility with a clean room has specific capabilities in:

  • Research & development
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Software development
  • Patient-contact device engineering
  • Material science
  • Industrial & graphic design
  • Regulatory & QA expertise
  • QSR and ISO 13485:2003 quality systems
  • Controlled environment for manufacture of sterile, disposable devices
  • Electronics assembly area for fabrication, assembly, final test & packaging